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Price List.

Prices are a guide only, Full groom prices vary by breed, size, coat condition and type, dog behaviour, and frequency of groom. I can give a more accurate price by talking to you about your dog and your requirements. Many cross breeds vary in price from dog to dog as they vary in size, ie some Cockerpoos are very small and would therefore be cheaper than a much larger one.  Please note that I am unable to groom anything larger than a medium Labrador or retriever on my own, however I may have other options for you, please call if you are unsure as I am happy to talk through your requirements. 

 Full Groom                                                        From £30

  • Consultation prior to 1st groom
  • Mini Health Check
  • Nail Clipping
  • De-shedding for relevant coats
  • Full Brush out  (includes 5 minute allowance for removal of minor tangles*)
  • Bath and blow dry
  • Clip/tidy/groom
  • Dog cologne

Bath and Dry                                                      From £20

  • As for full groom but without Clip/tidy/groom

Nail trim between appointments with me  £8

Tidy up around the eyes between appointments with me  £8

Hand stripping

I will only hand strip your dog if the coat is ready, if your dog has previously been clipped then it may not be possible to strip.

Prices are for a groom and then stripping on top, starting from groom +£10 upwards depending on the size of the dog.

Puppy Introductions

It can be daunting for a puppy or dog to have its first groom and this is why its important to introduce them gradually from an early age (preferably before 13 weeks). Starting with just introducing them to the salon, tools, table and being handled (free if follow up appointments booked and kept and up to 13 weeks old). The next visit, I will bath, dry and clip your puppies nails (£10 if already had 1st part of introduction).  Finally on the 3rd visit I will give them a full groom.

Cancellation costs

If you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible to enable me to book another dog in to be pampered.

More than 48 hours notice                                          No Charge

Less than 48 hours notice                                            40% of groom cost


More than 2 dogs in the house                                   £5

* I will not de-matt a severely matted dog, it is painful, uncomfortable and stressful for your dog, I will endeavour to humanely remove them, otherwise I will clip the coat off at an additional £10 for time spent, extra tools/coolant needed. I can then advise you on how to best look after the coat to avoid matting.