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Price List​

Prices are a guide only, full groom prices vary by breed size, coat condition and type, dog behaviour and frequency of groom. I can give a more accurate price by talking to you about your dog and your requirements. Many cross breeds vary in size and coat and therefore prices can be different from dog to dog. Please note I am now unable to groom large dogs.

All appointments include the following:

- Consultation proir to 1st groom

- Mini health check

- Nail clipping

- De-shedding for relevant coats

- Full brush out (includes 10 minute allowance of MINOR tangles *)

- Bath and blow dry

- Clip (on relevant coats) / tidy of furnishings ie legs on Golden Retrievers etc

- Cologne

Prices are from £30

Puppy Introductions

It can be daunting for a puppy to have its first groom and therefore it's important to do it right. A puppy needs to be introduced to their groomer and salon as soon as they've had all their injections. Starting with an introduction to the salon and grooming area, getting them used to sights, sounds and smells. Followed by an intro brush, nail clip and if relevant a face/feet tidy. After that a bath and dry. This allows your puppy to get used to the grooming environment without scaring them.

Teeth Cleaning

I am now offering  Emni Pet ultrasonic teeth cleaning, which works with ultrasonic waves with the toothpaste and water, creating nano bubbles to break down plaque. There is no noise, movement or brushing involved.

Prices start at £30 for first session as you need to purchase your dogs own toothbrush head, maintenance sessions after that are from £15 depending on frequency of appointment. Packages are available for dogs who need quite a few sessions to start with as teeth with a build up of plaque will need a few appointments before you are able to see a difference. If your dog has a bad build up of plaque or your vet has advised extractions then I will be unable to help until they have seen the vet for relevant treatment.

Cancellation costs

If you need to cancel an appointment please give as much notice as possible to enable me to fill that appointment.

More than 48 hours notice        No Charge

Less than 48 hours notice           40% of groom

Cancellation on the day               Full cost of groom